Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remembering Your World War II Veteran- a Great Example

This post on American flyer William Fiske from the RAF Museum is a great example of a technically proficient web design. It tells the story of one American's experience in the RAF during the Battle of Britain. While you may not have all of the resources a museum might, this still serves as a good example to follow.

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    I have forwarded an e-petition (see details)
    in recognition of Royal Observer Corps
    Veterans who were not awarded the Present Armed
    Forces Veterans badge (UK) in recognition of their service from formation 1925 through WWII
    'Battle of Britain' onwards 'Cold War' service until 'Stand Down' 1991 & those who did serve
    onwards until 1993.
    Very little to ask for Loyal service to
    Crown & Country & be recognised as Veterans.
    500+ signatures required by July 2010.
    Many thanks in advance for your support by
    means of a signature.
    Yours Faithfully
    David ROC Rtd.
    'Veterans' badge holder.