Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remembering Your World War II Veteran- a Great Example

This post on American flyer William Fiske from the RAF Museum is a great example of a technically proficient web design. It tells the story of one American's experience in the RAF during the Battle of Britain. While you may not have all of the resources a museum might, this still serves as a good example to follow.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saving a Town's Memories of its Greatest Generation

We all have an interest in saving the WWII memories of family members. Vic Cleary wants to preserve the memories of his entire town. Clarksburg Ohio's Courageous: WWII is his blog that seeks to honor the service of the 222 WWII veterans from Clarksburg and its surrounding rural township, which have rich military histories dating back to the Revolutionary War. With more than 900 veterans dying each day, this is a welcome effort. The citizens of Clarksburg and the rest of us thank you, Vic, for preserving these important historical moments.

Six steps for scanning and preserving WWII photos

Blogger Tina Lyons is making the commendable step of scanning and digitizing her grandfather's WWII photos and documents. She's published a helpful list of tips at her blog site. Thanks, Tina, for sharing your ideas with others who wish to preserve valuable family memories of the War That Changed The World. Let us know when you're finished.