Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nine Ice Breakers

Interviewing WWII veterans can sometimes feel awkward. Potential interviewers often balk, thinking: "What should I ask?" or "How do I start?" The National World War II Museum's historians offer a list of good questions designed to get a conversation going. Here are nine starting points:

* What were you doing before the War? Were you married or single?
* Where were you when you heard about Pearl Harbor?
* Did you enlist or were you drafted?
* When and where did you enter service? What branch?
* Where was your basic training? Describe what it was like.
* How did you feel knowing you were preparing to go off to war?
* When did you deploy overseas?
* What theater of operations were you in?
* What were your initial thoughts after landing on foreign soil for the first time?

Check back soon. We'll be posting more interview tips and guidelines from the National WWII Museum soon.

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